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References from our customers:

"You have found very good candidates. Although some were not interested in work now, but may be in the future. At the next recruitment I will contact the best and with you of course.

I wanted to thank you for recruiting, thanks to Ligo Headhunters I had the opportunity to meet very interesting people, I hope that in the future this recruitment will change into a specific effect for Ligo Headhunters.


I am very pleased with this cooperation, I will be happy to share it. "

Krzysztof Madejski

Code For Poland coordinator @ ePaństwo Foundation

„Hi Ewa, Marcin Baczyk has just accepted our job offer. Please invoice us for your fee and thanks for your help finding him! I’m sure he’ll be a great addition.”

Laura Speyer

Gardner Denver Polska



2 out of 2!


Thank you Ewa, you have done an outstanding job and we will certainly be using you again for any future requirements.


Thomas Greenwood

Chief Operating Officer


„I have to admit that you finding candidates in very smootly way. I expected that we would have conversations with 2-3 people per week. :) I wonder how many people should still be appoint. If we will make the final decision during the process it won’t be okay to refuse the other meetings."


Krzysztof Madejski

Code For Poland coordinator @ ePaństwo Foundation