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Looking for a specialist? We will find it for you!


We specialize in recruitment activities for the IT industry, addressed to clients from the sector of information technology, IT outsourcing, telecommunication, and IT departments in financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and FMCG. We are recruiting for qualified and managerial positions within the division.

All our actions are backed by years of experience in the process of candidates acquisition, as well as in the field of IT technologies. We aim to provide a job that meets candidate expectations, and an employee who fulfills clients needs.

Time and money are great values for every employer. Ligo Headhunters saves both. Thanks to our experience and good organization, we are able to quickly find a perfect employee in the thicket of candidates. At that time the employer can deal with the matters of his company. And money? Recruiting services are very close in price to carrying out this process by the company. An employer looking for an employee on his own will have to pay the costs right from the start, and Ligo Headhunters will only charge after the recruitment process.


By working with us, our Client carries responsibility for the process at Ligo Headhunters. It can use professional advice and support.


Reaching a large group of candidates is the basis of the recruitment process. A small number of people interested in the position limits the ability of the potential employee to match the competency to the requirements of the employer. We create data banks about people from previous recruitment. We have a wide range of interesting candidates.

By employing a headhunter company, the employer achieves a better position on the labor market. In the eyes of competition is perceived as a professional. Recruitment services ensure resource savings and finding the right employee contributes to the success and growth of your business.

Who do we recruit?



  • People for whom work is passion, not just a source of income. Professionals who are committed to building a competitive advantage for employers.

  • In our database of 20,000 applicants, there are experienced Java, .NET, C ++, PHP and other developers, administrators, system analysts, software architects, testers, project managers, graphic professionals, multimedia professionals.

  • Our goal is to present suitable candidates as soon as possible.

We conducted recruitment projects in the area of IT positions:
  • PHP Developer

  • Java Developer

  • Programista C# (.NET)

  • Back-end Developer

  • Front-end Developer

  • Senior Javascript Developer

  • Ruby on Rails Developer

  • IT Project Manager

  • Dyrektor IT

  • DevOps Engineer

  • PHP Software Engineer

  • Android Developer

  •  Administrator Serwera Aplikacji


  • Full-Stack Developer

  • Administrator Baz Danych

  • iOS Developer

  • QA Engineer

  • Senior Consultant

  • Junior Consultant

  • Test Project Manager

  • Grafik komputerowy

  • Analityk IT

  • Web Application Developer

  • Programista Python

  • Senior Full Stack Engineer

  • i inne...