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Our methods of acquiring candidates:

After signing the contract, we start the recruitment process, which is as follows: 

  • stage I – posting job offers, database analysis

  • stage II – verification of current applications, candidate's market survey, telephone verification of availability and expectations of different candidates with the desired competencies

  • stage III – interviews with selected candidates, evaluation, skills verification, qualification and competences tests, candidates list preparation to present to our client

  • stage IV - recommendation of candidates - at least 3 candidates for 1 position

  • HEAD HUNTING - Candidates are mainly driven by direct search, which means that we reach people who are not actively looking for work and who work in competitive companies on similar positions and encourage them to participate in our recruitment process.

  • NETWORKING – We have a rich network of contacts in the industry so we quickly reach new candidates who are not actively looking for work and encourage them to consider the offer of a new employer.

  • DATABASE  - We are using the Ligo database of ~ 20,000 CV's. Moreover we have many contacts on the market and thanks to the trusted candidates, we can develop our database using new applications.

  • JOB OFFERS – We provide a wide distribution of job offers by posting them on and on many advertising portals as well as promoting them in specific groups in social media.


Our Human Resources team is made up of skilled new technology enthusiasts and IT experts. They combine theoretical knowledge with programming practice. They know what a framework is, they distinguish Java from JavaScript. We are constantly learning new technologies and keeping up with current trends in the IT market.

The effectiveness of our activities is based on modern recruitment management with the expertise of HR professionals. By employing direct recruitment techniques, we reach the best employees and we are able to recruit them for your company.


Short time of the implementation of projects. We are able to close the recruitment process in 2-3 weeks.

Our customers systematically receive reports of recruitment action conducted by us.

We can offer a guarantee, if within 3 months our candidate does not meet your expectations or resigns from work, we'll provide the next recruitment project for free.

Our job offers addressed to the candidates are suited to this demanding slang and a specific environment. We include specific information and answers to frequently asked questions in a fun and loose form. Numerous favourable comments are attesting to it from satisfied programmers.