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By sending us an application, the candidate can be confident that he will be kept up-to-date on current job offers that match his professional profile and expectations. You can apply by e-mail and through the registration form on our website.

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References from the candidates how we work:

"In my humble opinion is was very professional approach, only few recruiters can do such a thing with which I have the pleasure of talking." It's nice to have such people, not wholesale and template news to prospective candidates.


I wish many successes!"

                                      - T.K.

"I sent my CV to Ligo, and I got an answer on the process of the recruitment within an hour. I was also kept informed at  what stage is my candidacy in the process."

                            - Aneta Wójcik

"And right away I would like to say that even if nothing would come out of this particular meeting, you are the best headhunter I have ever worked with (with no recruiter I did not work better). I’m sorry that work with me is maybe a little bit hardJ"

                           - Adam Kędziora 


„ I apologise that answering only now, but I didn't look recently at this mail :) yes, that's correct - I started work in Allani on the day of 03.10. I am satisfied very much, it seems to me that they also, but you must ask them.

And thank you for having contacted me Ewa, because I treat work in Allani as a chance for development, and if you did not contact me it probably would not be possible "

                            - Grzegorz Ślęczek

         (Employed programmer in


"I wanted to thank you for finding me and for a further recommendation to the company Tricentis. I've been working ess than 3 weeks there, but have found, that definitely it was a good change! :-)

Thank you again and best regards "

                           - Grzegorz Sidwa

          (Employed programmer in Tricentis)


"Thank you very much for the message:) 

I must admit that you amused me very much, especially with the introduction "I am searching for somebody as you - clever, intelligent... ".  I almost blushed:).

The offer itself is the most intriguing for me, especially that at this point I'm looking for a job. Unfortunately I have to tell you NO. Well, at this point I'm looking for a job in Gdańsk, where I will soon moving out (August/September). Therefore, it does not fall to me to play the work in Kraków. But the offer was definitely a very interesting:)."

                           - Krzysztof Mejka

"Ligo Headhunters during the conducted recruitment demonstrated the great knowledge of the IT industry. A lot of recruters enlisted my person, however they had no idea what they were writing about and what technology they mean. "

                                        - S.P



"In general, the entire recruitment process, both on your site and on the IFX, is one of the best I have ever attended - the approach to the candidate is very positive :)"


"Thanks also and good luck to you:) Contact with Ligo Headhunters was excellent and of course HR services on a high level :) I will recommend as someone looking for headhunters :)"

                   - Maciej Walczak (Employed programmer in IFX)


"Thank you very much for the information and the offer! A few hours ago I told my wife that this is the BEST of the companies I was in for a job interview ! I came to hobbyist meetings just to grow and check what is needed on the market so I know what I'm talking about. :))) Thanks for the quick reply and it's before the weekend! I could not get a better gift. Cool people, proper money and interesting job. Bravo! I wish you a very nice weekend. "and" I'm really grateful that you send me this offer. So far, it is a great match for me and my interests. "

         - Dominik Najberg (Employed programmer in IFX)


"Good morning, Mrs. Ewa, I must say that it's nice to finally get a message from a recruit who ‘says in a human voice ;)’

                                  - Aleksandra Warzecha